Case for investment in Adult Literacy

Invest in Adult Literacy?

In supporting just one adult learner, the positive effect ripples through that learner’s family, neighborhood, community, city & beyond. The return in the investment is amplified throughout our entire county.

Then Adult Learning Center’s mission in our community is to
Teach One ~ Reach Many

The Adult Learning Center partners with ProLiteracy in our mission to raise adult literacy rates in order to improve the lives of learning adults in Williamson County Tennessee.

ProLiteracy’s new report, The Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education, provides the evidence for supporting a very critical education segment in America.

Historically, there has been limited research that demonstrates the positive impact that literacy skills have on social issues facing all adults. The Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education discusses recent research by Dr. Stephen Reder, which examined the correlation between participation in adult basic skills programs and future increases in income, literacy levels, high school equivalency attainment, and postsecondary engagement.

This new report outlines the results and implications for changes in policy related to investment in adult literacy and education. Stakeholders of all types will now have the data needed to prove that support of adult education results in a strong return for adult learners and society as a whole.

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